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Our family-owned wellness clinic in Billings, MT provides drug-free and needle-free alternative health solutions for Montanans. Our in-person, or telehealth therapies can assist your body to naturally overcome the stress of 200+ health conditions. Discover compassionate healthcare and a customized path to wellness.

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Amalia Samaraweera Natural health practitioner
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Natural health services at Advance Wellness Clinic

At Advance Wellness Clinic, we use advanced alternative health technologies to help your body stay healthy and balanced. We offer three main services: Biofeedback, Craniosacral, and Auriculotherapy. You can recieve a biofeedback scan remotely via telehealth.



During biofeedback, frequencies are sent through your body and measured to determine what is out of balance. We believe that a balanced body is the path to health. So we start by balancing all organs and systems.

First, we find the main issue and work on healing any blockages. Then, we create a personalized tincture of frequency remedies to help clear those blockages every day.


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment. It helps the body heal by releasing tension. It also improves the flow of fluid around the brain and spinal cord.

This holistic practice focuses on the craniosacral system: the brain, spinal cord, and surrounding membranes. Our subtle touch techniques help to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.



Auriculotherapy has been practiced worldwide as an alternative for pain relief, sciatica relief, addiction support, reducing inflammation, and more. This therapy uses painless electrical stimulation of the reflex points on the ear. There are no needles! It is a great treatment for when symptoms are strong, as it can provide relief during the session.



We address a wide range of health issues

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Emotional Stressors

When our bodies are in balance, it becomes easier to manage the ups and downs. Our therapies are great options to overcome the burdens of emotional stress. We’ll discuss your unique situation to find which is best.

Toxin Release

Daily life exposes us to toxins and triggering items: heavy metals, infections, cellular waste, and more. The majority of detox methods can be heavily draining on the body. Our scan centers on providing remedies to gently guide your body through this process.


Your body may react negatively to foods, chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies, and even weather. Our digital remedies help to adjust the body’s responses to these energetic patterns as well as many more. If this sounds like you, Biofeedback is the way to go.

Sleep Disturbances

Adrenal issues, stress imbalances, and more can all contribute to irritating sleep patterns. We can help naturally promote deep relaxation and guide you towards more restful and productive nights of sleep.

+ Addresses more than 200 other conditions

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Personalized Alternative health

In Billings, Montana

Your body can heal. We believe that every person’s path to healing and wellness is different. Our alternative therapies can support your body’s natural healing abilities. We are grateful to be a part of your journey to a healthier future.


NATURAL HEALTH Clinic Practitioners

Clinic Team

Amalia Samaraweera

Amalia Samaraweera

Biofeedback & Auriculotherapy

Amalia has called Billings, Montana, home since 2012. The positive effects of biofeedback on her health inspired her. Now, she assists others in their health journey. She uses alternative health methods to help them.

Amalia is currently immersing herself in her academic pursuits, pursuing three doctorates through the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine.

Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson

Biofeedback, Craniosacral, & Auriculotherapy

Scott’s journey began with a profound transformation after enduring a painful back injury. After trying Auriculotherapy, became very interested in how the body can heal itself without drugs. Motivated by this understanding, he immersed himself in the practice of Auricular techniques. Currently, pursuing dual doctorates with the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine, and expanding his expertise in Craniosacral education through the Upledger Institute.

Dr. Robbins of Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic in Billings, MT

Partners of doctor paul e. robbins BD AD

Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic

Partners of Doctor Paul E. Robbins BD AD

Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic

Dr. Paul E. Robbins, along with his wife Dr. Kristy Robbins, founded their Billings-based Clinic in 2010. Their mission was simple yet profound: to improve the quality of life for each client through whole-body wellness. What started as a personal pursuit to promote the health of their own family soon evolved. They began to introduce Montanans to new healing methods and in the process became pioneers blazing the trail for natural health options in Montana. While bringing healing to the cities of Billings, Great Falls, Sheridan, WY, and surrounding areas, together they have helped hundreds of people find relief with alternative wellness. 

Today, Advance Wellness Clinic, stands as a second generation of the Big Sky Clinic. Scott and Amalia are a husband and wife team, committed to extending the same compassion and quality of natural care to their community.



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